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I would love to help you create the perfect space for you and your family.  The first thing we'll do is sit down together at your home, get to know each other and discuss your design needs.  We will talk about colors, furniture, fabrics, lighting and look at all of the magazine cut-outs and Pinterest Pins you've been collecting over the years.  

Based on our initial consultation, we will create a comprehensive design plan.  I will present you with a Scope of Work that will outline the work I plan to complete for your project and a budget for my design services.  Once we have those details worked out, the fun begins.  I will make selections for your space and give you two to three options to choose from.  I have found that this a is great way for clients to have options, but not feel overwhelmed with too many choices- there are so many pretty things out there!!  


Design fees are $125 an hour.    

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